Portable says he now charges $10,000 for collaboration and endorsements.

Portable says he now charges $10,000 for collaboration and endorsements.

The artist Portable says he now asks $10,000 for partnerships & endorsements

Right now, portable is experiencing an unusually good run in the press.

One of Nigeria’s most well-known musicians, Street Pop star Portable, is much more well-known for his antics on social media than for his music.

The singer who goes by several nicknames including “Idamu Adugbon” which loosely translates to Neighbourhood Troublemaker is currently in the United Kingdom where he linked up with Nigerian British rapper Skepta.

They link-up with Skepta has dominated the news with the rapper inviting him along to the British Fashion Award where Portable met various celebs including Afrobeats queen Tiwa Savage and Nigerian-British actor Damson Idris.

With the help of his social media accounts, Portable has been sharing every moment of his time with Skepta. One of the videos he shared showed Skepta giving him a large sum of money. In another video, He performed a freestyle to a happy Skepta, who seemed to be relishing the link-up just as much as Portable did.

He has chosen to examine his rate card because his social currency is at an all-time high right now.

The actor has announced that he will now charge a minimum of $10,000 for partnerships, endorsements, and guest appearances in a new video that he posted on social media.

Now that he would be charging at least $10,000, Portable said people who have had the honor of working with him should consider themselves fortunate.

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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