Portable slams artistes over fake lifestyles.

Portable slams artistes over fake lifestyles.

Habeeb Okikiola, nicknamed Portable, a singer, has criticized entertainers for living false lives.

The “Zazu” singer posted a warning on his Instagram page that when celebrities with phony lifestyles pass away, their families won’t have anywhere to bury them.

They’ve been making fun of me since I constructed a house in the trenches, remarked Portable. Do you realize how many houses I have buried beneath the earth? Various types of mansions, including 10. You guys won’t know about all of my properties, though.

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Even on the Lekki-Ajah side, I have purchased property and am constructing a home. Even now, I’m paying for housing close to Osapa-London. I have a ton of stuff.

Some people don’t have a home. Not to worry. Tell lies. So that your assistant doesn’t start referring to you as a mentor, lower the loudness of your false life. Some individuals will be buried there, in the gutter. live a false life. If you pass away, you have nothing, not even a house.

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