Portable Survives a dreadful crash in his new G- Wagon.

Portable Survives a dreadful crash in his new G- Wagon.

Habeeb Olawunmi, AKA Portable, a controversial street performer, almost averted death after being hurt in a terrible accident in his brand-new G-Wagon.

The luxurious Mercedes Benz that formerly stood gallantly is reduced to ruins in a recent video that is making the. Rounds on the internet, alerting the singer’s fans to the severity of the auto accident.

Being an honest person, the divisive Zazu singer told his fans about the ordeal on Instagram.

He said that the event occurred on Wednesday, July 12, 2023, at Osapa London in Lekki, while he was being driven to his music studio through a torrential downpour.

He remained upbeat and thanked God in his Instagram caption, writing: “Today is an opportunity to do better than yesterday. If we try today If today no work we go try tomorrow. Aje Who Get God No Dey Carry Last Akoi Grace Wey No Dey Disgrace Eyin Fans, Make una help me Thank God MOWADUPE. IKA OF AFRICA.”

The Undamaged Portable assuaged his supporters’ concerns by reassuring them that he is okay and that his adversaries’ attempts to murder him were unsuccessful. He was still confident that his musical prowess and talents would net him extra money to buy a new car.

To quote him, “Hustle wey buy me that one go buy another one. You can’t ruin my life; I buy moto, dem use mouth spoil am. The car didn’t kill me.”

In expressing his goals, he said that he hoped to acquire a home and a private plane in the future.

The singer continued by denying claims that he paid for his car with “blood money,” adding, “They said I did ritual and it would kill me. Na rain cause am, I was going to studio when I had the accident. No death can kill me, I’ve done jazz, you can’t get me. It happened in Lekki, Osapa London; I will buy house in that place.”

He is still as excited as ever and has promised his fans that new songs would be coming shortly.

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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