Prime boy claims Police never invited him before declaring him “Wanted”.

Prime boy claims Police never invited him before declaring him "Wanted".

Owodunni Ibrahim, better known by his stage name Primeboy, is an Afro musician and songwriter who has denied that the. Lagos State Police Command had invited him before issuing a wanted poster on Tuesday.

Ilerioluwa Aloba’s companion, known by his stage name Mohbad, was sought after by police for reportedly refusing to respond to. An offer to speak with them about the events that led to the death of the former. Marlian Records signee.

Primeboy claimed that he was never invited by the police in an interview with a private television station, TVC, before handing himself in on Wednesday. He also claimed that he sought to go to the police station to clear his name when people started linking him to the death of his. Late friend.

“I have never received an invitation from the police, it is a big lie that I did,” he proclaimed. I had wanted to defend myself at the station once people started accusing me of killing Mohbad before this matter of proclaiming me. Wanted arose.

My lawyer and the others I spoke to suggested that I wait for a police invitation rather than going to the station to explain my situation. The news that the police had made me wanted for N1 million to anyone who knew where I was came as. A shock.

Primeboy responded to inquiries about his relationship with Mohbad and whether or not they got into a fight on his last program by. Claiming that they did have problems.

Due to the disagreement he had with his wife in the car on the day he left for his Ikorodu gig.

“When the argument between Mohbad and his wife got heated, he (Mohbad) was attempting to exit the car. But I dissuaded him, saying it wasn’t prudent for him to do so while Zlatan was still on stage. Then he ordered me to exit the vehicle. Then I did.

He continued, “I could tell that day from the way he was acting that he was gravely. Damaged.

The singer, who is currently being held by police, questioned Mohbad’s widow further about how she had publicly blamed him. For the late artist’s death.


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