Radio Stations in Nigeria have place a ban over all Naira Marley Songs to be played based on the sudden death of Mohbad.

Radio Stations in Nigeria have place a ban over all Naira Marley Songs to be played based on the sudden death of Mohbad.

The playback of songs published by Nigerian singer Naira Marley and other artists on the Marlian Records label has been. Outlawed by two radio stations in the country’s southwest.

Both of the two radio stations—Fresh FM 106.9 FM in Ekiti State (a privately owned radio broadcast station) and Splash FM 105.5 in Ibadan, Oyo State—have banned songs by. Naira Marley, citing and then ongoing investigation into the singer Mohbad’s death as justification. For their decisions.

According to a statement released by Fresh FM 106.9 FM and signed by Oluwaseunfunmi Williams, Head of Production and Music Content. The move was taken in response to the public outcry around the murder of musician Mohbad.

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“Fresh 106.9 fm has suspended the airplay of all songs and moreover contents under the banner of Marlian Records,” it said. “This action comes in response to the public outcry from the general public furthermore trialing the death of Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba. (Mohbad), the alleged victimization from different videos going viral, and the involvement of members of his previous record label. (Marlian records)”.

In a similar event, Splash FM announced that Naira Marley’s songs are now designated as “Not to be Broadcast” on their station however. Till further notice, effective “immediately,” in a message made on X (previously Twitter) by one of the radio station’s presenters, Aderonke Adesola.

“Good night, team i shall advise us all to use caution due to the sensitive situation surrounding Mohbad’s death and. The criminal however investigation the police have started.

In light of this, Naira Marley’s music has been designated as NTBB (not to be broadcast) on our station up to this point. This is effective right away “thank you” was the post’s final sentence.

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