Rapper Eldee narrates why he relocated from Nigeria and dumped music.

Rapper Eldee narrates why he relocated from Nigeria and dumped music.

Sikirullahi Dabiri, a Nigerian musician better known by his stage name Eldee, has shared his memories of leaving his country after being duped by false investors.

On the most recent episode of the King of Talks podcast, the former rapper, musician, and record producer related his story. Teju Babyface was his conversation partner.

Trybesmen’s leader said he left the nation because he needed to “clear” his head after being “scammed” by a phony company. The rap group is now gone.

Eldee claimed that his suffering began when Shayman, a work colleague, connected him to Tonye Akindele, a man who at the time ran a capital advising firm.

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He explained, “What occurred was that Tonye Akindele, who at the time ran a capital advising firm, was introduced to. Me by Shayman. In order to invest in firms, they search for them. They employ individuals to fund those portfolios.

He claims that the advising company took money from some investors while lying to them about how the money was. Being invested in his music, despite the fact that he was not receiving any money.

So they sought me for a partnership, Eldee stated. And I gave in. However, I was unaware that Tonye Akindele and his partner were the ones funding the record company, as the label was not receiving any cash. My music was still being supported.

He added that it took him nine months to realize he was a victim of fraud, and that when he. Did, he pulled the plug without running up significant bills.

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