Regina Daniel’s Mother Preaches against voluntary single motherhood.

Regina Daniel's Mother Preaches against voluntary single motherhood.

Rita Daniels, an actress and Regina Daniels’ mother, has urged women against abandoning their husbands and kids when they are having marital problems.

The legendary actress strongly warned against abandoning one’s husband and kids to ‘flex’ during an interview on Radio Nigeria. She urged women to support their husbands so they might profit, using herself as an example.

She argued, “The man who gave you those children would still give you the tools to train them. I’m using myself as an example, and I never regretted staying… why would you abandon your children because a man provoked you? they can only ever have one mother, and your womb is the first house they lived in.”

She also stated in the video she released to her Instagram page that a woman should not expect to benefit from having children when they grow up if she leaves her children with their father.

She added, “There is no life without those children,” in a second sentence. Rita made it abundantly obvious that no woman should abandon her partner and neglect her motherly responsibilities. Further, the film maker advocated against voluntarily becoming a single mother, abandoning children to start a new relationship, or even starting prostitution.

I don’t support things like that, she said, “Why would you leave your husband to follow a boyfriend, what kind of stupid boyfriend is that.”

In his subsequent comments to women, the director emphasized that stepmothers could never provide for their offspring in the same manner as biological moms. Further, she asked them to support their spouses rather than desert them by being there for them when they needed it.


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