Rema Hits 2Billion Career Streams on Spotify.

Rema Hits 2Billion Career Streams on Spotify.

As a lead artist on Spotify, Rema has reached 2 billion career streams, continuing his remarkable career ascent.

With his number-one hit single “Calm Down,” which has topped charts in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, the US, and the UK, Rema is one of the musicians driving the global exporting of Afrobeats.

As a result of the widespread popularity of his single “Calm Down,” which saw additional success with the remix featuring Selena Gomez, Rema has now amassed more than 2 billion career streams on Spotify as a lead artist.

Rema joined the select group of Nigerian musicians who have amassed more than one billion Spotify listens in 2022, and a year later, he is surging to the top of the list thanks to the success of his global smash tune “Calm Down.”

Aside from becoming the most streamed Nigerian song on Spotify and the most watched Nigerian music video on YouTube, “Calm Down” has received enormous international praise.

On both the UK Official Singles Chart and the Billboard Hot 100, the track peaked at No. 3. In addition to many other nations, it has received awards in the US, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Greece, Spain, and Norway.


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