Rema Spotted at Church with Justine Skye.

Rema Spotted at Church with Justine Skye.

Rema was photographed with Justine Skye during church, which generated fresh relationship rumors.

On social media, there have been persistent rumors for months that the two musicians are dating.

After Rema and American musician Justine Skye were photographed together at a church service in Lagos, there have been a lot of new romantic rumors circulating on the internet.

A security detail encircled the couple as they left the chapel together in a video that went viral.

Following the video’s release online, some on social media started to speculate that the two were dating. They appear to be firmly convinced this time around that the two are romantically involved, with many believing it to be the only reason they would attend church together.

Both of them weren’t by themselves at the service. Among others in the entourage was Crayon, another new signing to Mavin Records. The fact that Skye and Rema were sighted together again, though, caught the attention of social media users more.

Parallel rumors circulated on social media that Skye and the man had fallen in love on Skye’s birthday in August 2023.

For what reason? During her celebration back then, the two were seen grinning. Beside her, a beaming Skye danced in her seat as Rema assisted her in lighting the birthday candles on her cake. In the clip, the Afrobeats diva then enthusiastically rang a bell as she blew out her candles.

Following the release of their single “Twisted Fantasy” in 2021, there were rumors of a possible romance between the two. Then, after Skye joined him in celebrating Rema’s 21st birthday that year, the rumors got more intense.

Since then, there have been many more rumors, but neither Rema nor Skye have confirmed or refuted them. They still occasionally hang around.


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