Ric Hassani joins Folu storms seun ajayi on the cast of spiraling.

Ric Hassani joins Folu storms seun ajayi on the cast of spiraling.

However Seun Ajayi and Folu Storms are joined by Ric Hassani in the cast of “Spiraling.”

Production for the series will commence in Lagos this month.

Furthermore the cast of the upcoming television series Spiraling has been expanded to include Nigerian vocalist Ric Hassani.

Executive producer Wande Thomas of the program, who spoke exclusively to Pulse, described the choice as a “full circle” moment.

He had produced Hassani’s music video five years prior working on this project with Ric feels almost like a full. Circle experience. Prior to knowing that I would direct cinema and television, I made a music video for him more than five. Years ago,” Thomas remarked. “Now, we’re collaborating again in different capacities.”

He continued, “I’m excited to work with him to give a fantastic performance and can’t wait for him to fully commit to this endeavor.

Years ago, Thomas, who had worked as a creative for a long time in the music business, changed to an executive producer role. He is in charge of Madeaux Africa, the podcast network that makes Menism and Lowkey Relatable, through his production company, Urbangidi Showtime.

Along with Studio Ogiso Inc., which is being produced by fashion media mogul Isoken Ogiemwonyi, Urbangidi Showtime will also produce Spiraling.

According to a statement from Spiraling, the series, which is a thriller, “follows the life of a tech entrepreneur entangled in the complexities of her creation. The series will be rooted in the human psyche and how we react under pressure.”

Spiraling follows the lives of a tech entrepreneur enmeshed in the complexity of her product as it investigates the theme of the human psyche.

Moreover the show would be “rooted in the human psyche and how we react under pressure,” according to Thomas.

The series will be directed by Thomas, who also authored the screenplay. In Lagos, production will begin this month. Folu Storms and Seun Ajayi have already been revealed as cast members.

Hassani is no stranger to the set when it comes to acting. He is presently starring in the romantic comedy When Are We Getting Married on REDTV.

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