Rmd shuts the internet with 62 photos for his 62nd birthday.

Rmd shuts the internet with 62 photos for his 62nd birthday.

For his 62nd birthday, Nollywood actor Richard Mofe Damijo, also known online as RMD, plans to shut down the internet.

The seasoned actor announced that he is releasing 62 films to commemorate his age. He will turn 62 on July 6th.

He confessed that turning 60 gave him wings, and that the grace and favor of age 62 are going to envelop him.

RMD observed that each year, a red outfit always steals the show.

“JULY!!! Month of my birthday.
I was given wings at 60, and grace and favor are ready to envelop me at 62.

AWAY WE GO! 62 images in JULY!

P.S. On my birthday every year, someone invariably steals the show in a red dress.

RMD is thrilled to be among the new members of the Oscar Academy.

RMD previously expressed his happiness at joining the Oscars Voting Academy.

The veteran was invited to join the Academy’s new member list together with Shola Dada, Jade Osiberu, and CJ ‘Fiery’ Obasi.

RMD welcomed the news as the nicest birthday present on his Instagram page, saying that his birth month of July is perfect and full of goodies.

RMD saw how he kept receiving congratulations messages but wasn’t sure what to make of the news until he received confirmation.

“I simply continued receiving congrats messages, but I wasn’t sure what to make of them. My team investigated and found that it appears on their official website. It’s now official. I must congratulate you!

The best birthday gift arrives early! July, the month I was born, is not only perfect but also full with blessings!

P.S. I haven’t yet identified my sponsors, but when I do, I’ll thank you once again. My spirit is joyful!”.

Richard Mofe Damijo enjoys a lavish birthday party at age 61.

To commemorate his 61st birthday the previous year, RMD sent beautiful images.

Mofe Damijo expressed his appreciation for the grace showered upon him and mentioned how birthdays are an opportunity to take stock of one’s life.

He recognizes God’s grace in his life.

He also expressed his gratitude to his family, coworkers, friends, and business partners, as well as to everyone in the creative field who has helped him and given him the chance to pursue his dreams.

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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