Robert Powell: Today marks the 78th birthday of Jesus of Nazareth's lead actor.

Robert Powell He is arguably the most recognizable portrayer of Jesus Christ throughout history. Franco Zeffirelli directed the motion picture “Jesus of Nazareth,” in which he played the role of Jesus. And it received six BAFTA nominations in addition to an Emmy nomination. Due to the story it conveyed, the movie wasn’t without controversy; some people even tried to block its release.

Despite difficulties with projection, “Jesus of Nazareth” has emerged as one of the most recognizable and enduring religious quotations of all time. Along with this, Robert Powell unquestionably gained notoriety, had his existence no longer be a secret. Was the subject of photographers, and even had miracles demanded of him like the Messiah.

Robert Powell, 33, was first cast in the starring part of Judas from the film “Jesus of Nazareth” because of his sparkling green eyes. but the director was captivated by him after seeing them. Despite the fact that it was expensive, working on the movie gave him international renown.

On a hazelnut and water diet, Robert Powell was placed. In addition, he was compelled to wed Barbara Lord, the person he was currently living with. Since he was the “Son of God” and could not live in sin, he was under pressure from the media, which is why this happened.

When she visited him in Morocco, their marriage also helped him escape issues with his visa. She wrote “Jesus of Nazareth” down there.

However, it didn’t end there. According to accounts of the actor’s inner circle that were leaked to the media. Robert Powell required psychiatric treatment for messianic illness because of the intensity with which he portrayed Jesus.

Following the popularity of “Jesus of Nazareth,” Robert Powell appeared in movies like “The thirty-nine steps,” which was directed by Albert Hitchcock, among others. But the artist always carried the weight of having given Jesus Christ life.

In this way, he started to withdraw himself from public life after spending many years immersed in comedy and theater. Powell, 78, lives at home with his family and devotes his life to reading, writing, and culture.

He stated clearly in a 2017 appearance for a Smithsonian Institution documentary that he was there because he did not have the duty of becoming Jesus, but rather himself.

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