Rok Tv CEO Mary Njoku defends Mohbad’s Widow Omowummi over the DNA Test Issue from the Public.

Rok Tv CEO Mary Njoku defends Mohbad's Widow Omowummi over the DNA Test Issue from the Public.

Mary Remmy Njoku from Nollywood has defended Mohbad’s widow against people calling for a paternity test for their son.

The actress urged Nigerians to act on their demands for paternity tests on Instagram, labeling it cruel and inappropriate to. Ask such of a grieving widow she asked that the deceased singer’s family not be frustrated and that everyone concentrate. On getting justice for him.

“Asking a grieving widow to submit her son for a DNA test is sheer wickedness,” the post’s author wrote. “She just lost a husband! She lost a father to her child! She lost her helper and protector of over 10 years!

Let her grieve in silence! If you can’t help her, don’t make her life any worse.

She went on to query those calling for a DNA test however for the couple’s five-month-old son Liam, saying that if the singer never questioned. The child’s paternity, they shouldn’t either, and that the child had nothing to do with Mohbad’s death.

Because she isn’t wealthy, we are asking for a DNA test and saying, “Small money don enter now. Who are we to assume otherwise since her spouse did not have any doubts about his child’s paternity? Make sure you don’t let the dead speak for you, okay? Avoid upsetting his relatives! Concentrate on bringing #justicefromohbad.

Let’s leave his poor widow to raise his son, who is the only blood heirloom he has left behind. whom he cherished deeply. Please don’t kill the papas. Pay attention to the adults, she said.

Statement is in response to protests however made by several Nigerians seeking justice for Mohbad. They have requested that Mohbad’s wife conduct a paternity test moreover on the child in an effort to cover all bases during the current investigation. Omowunmi hasn’t reacted to these agitations, though.

Njoku’s remarks act as a rebuttal to the general talk furthermore around the late singer’s passing and the conjectured allegations regarding his son’s paternity. Her stance draws attention to the more general however problem of respecting people’s privacy and dignity in times of loss and grief.

Has made it clear that she opposes the need for a DNA test on the late singer’s son amid the uproar generated by his untimely passing. The actress has urged people to show compassion for the bereaved widow and her kid and to concentrate on bringing Mohbad justice rather than fanning the flames of rumors and possibility for financial gain.

Her perspective contributes to the ongoing conversation regarding respect, privacy, and the propriety of public criticism during times of. Personal and familial loss.


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