Ruger has parted ways with D’Prince jonzing world label.

Ruger has parted ways with D'Prince jonzing world label.

Ruger and D’ Prince’s Jonzing World label have broken up.

He isn’t the Jonzing Boy he once was.

Ruger, a rising star from Nigeria, is well-known for fusing Afrobeats with Dancehall, a sound that keeps audiences enthralled worldwide.

The Dancehall star, who has been tied to the Jonzing World label since 2019, has broken up with the label, according to a source who was cited by Jonzing World.

Ruger was introduced by Jonzing World in 2020 as their first flagship artist that same year, his debut EP ‘Pandemic.’ Which featured hits like ‘Ruger,’ ‘Bounce,’ and ‘Abu Dhabi,’ helped the gifted Dancehall performer become well-known.

Ruger achieved commercial success with his sophomore EP, “Second Wave,” which included smash tracks including “Dior” and “Girl Friend,” after breaking through into the mainstream.

Hit songs such “Asiwaju,” “Jonzing Boy,” and “Bun Bun” are featured on Ruger’s debut album, “Ru The World,” which was. Published in 2023 under Jonzing World.

After four years with the company, Ruger has now broken off his relationship with Jonzing Boy in order to launch. His own label, Blown Boy Entertainment, which he recently mentioned in a freestyle video that he posted to his Instagram story.

Ruger made a big decision following four productive years with Jonzing World, buoyed by his development and artistic vision he. Announced his newest project, Blown Boy Entertainment, in a freestyle video that he posted to his Instagram story this indicated. Not only a shift in label but also a metamorphosis of his artistic personality.

Ruger’s development and drive to forge his own path are highlighted by this calculated move, which also portends a new. Phase of inventiveness and ingenuity in his artistic endeavors.

Ruger releases his eagerly awaited debut album, “Ru The World.”

Wizkid X, Chris Brown, Ruger, Beyoncé, and Drake are all finally slated to release new albums (see the video).

Ruger flees as the Israeli battle breaks out.


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