Seun Kuti says he still grieves his dad for a long time.

Seun Kuti says he still grieves his dad for a long time.

Seun Kuti Discusses His Father’s Demise.

The passing of his father, Fela Kuti, was a significant experience for afrobeat musician Seun Kuti, who has acknowledged. As much.

Speaking about his relationship with his late father, the well-known artist Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Seun Kuti said that he lost his father, a friend, and. Family all at once.

Seun talked about how his relationship with his father was unique from that of his older brothers when he was speaking in an interview with well-known media personality. Chude Jideonwo.

The artist joked that he had felt sorry for his older siblings since their father had changed from birth into a more relaxed. Version of himself.

I always say, ‘I enjoyed it for you guys,’ to them. I did indeed hold it down. I kept moving.

My relationship with father was very, very different from that of my brothers because he was 44 when he had me and constantly at home. That much I am positive of.

Seun talked on the psychological toll his father’s passing had placed on him and how challenging it was for him to move on from the devastating loss. And find closure.

He claimed that because his father was the closest to everyone, losing him caused him to experience anguish on an. Entirely different level, from which he was still recuperating.

He continued by saying that the loss was so great for him that he cried for a very long time.

“I grieved for my dad because he was the closest to me and the first person that I knew to pass away, so for me, it was a really impactful experience losing my dad; it was like losing my best friend, my dad, and a family member all at once,” said Seun. I shed tears for a very long period. I was sad for my father.

He stated that he wasn’t able to grieve for his mother as he ought to have because he was on a music tour when she. Passed away.

“My mom was the one I didn’t grieve,” he said. I was on a tour. There was no time to lose it.

If I’m going to talk about any of my mental health problems on your podcast, I guess I’ll say that I still miss my mother occasionally even though the worst of it has passed. I haven’t had the opportunity to really go into that. Unlike with my father, I have not fully reconciled with my mother.


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