Seun Kuti speaks against physical violence as way to discipline children.

Seun Kuti speaks against physical violence as way to discipline children.

Seun Kuti opposes using physical punishment to discipline kids.

In a recent interview, he declared, “We are all abused as African children, and we all carry the trauma of abuse.”

Singer Seun Kuti, from Nigeria, has bravely spoken out against the traditional practice of using physical punishment to discipline children.

Kuti recently shared his opinion in an interview with Phyna, the star of Big Brother Naija, that using physical discipline on African children is abusive and causes long-lasting stress.

Growing up in a home where his famed father, Fela Kuti, used non-violent means of punishment, Seun Kuti claimed. He was taught the value of resolving disputes amicably.

He said, looking back on his early years, “My dad did not believe in beating us as children, even though as African children, we’re all abused and have the trauma of abuse.”

Kuti admitted that there were very few times his father used physical punishment. “The one time he beat me was because I beat my sister. He never liked me fighting my older sister because she’s a girl, she was older but she always did some bullsh*t.”

Kuti, however, disclosed that his mother, despite using more conventional forms of punishment, had a big influence on how he saw the world. “My mum, on the other hand, used to kick my a**. Oh my God, that woman beat the sh**t out of me.”

Phyna interrupted the discussion and emphasized the importance of moms disciplining their children. Kuti, though, did not back down from his opposition to corporal punishment. “Beating anybody up is not right in any way, shape, or form, especially when they’re under your care. Africans never used to beat their children because it’s barbaric,” he said.

Seun Kuti’s opposition to physical punishment initiates an important discussion on other methods for establishing discipline in African homes.


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