Shallipopi openly says how he struggled to find accomodation when he first came to lagos.

Shallipopi openly says how he struggled to find accomodation when he first came to lagos.

When I first arrived in Lagos, I had trouble finding lodging—Shallipopi.

This occurred before to his major breakthrough in 2023.

Crown Uzama, better known by his stage name Shallipopi, has shared a tale of his lowly beginnings when he arrived in Lagos from Benin City and found it. Difficult to find lodging.

In an interview with the Zero Conditions Podcast, the rapper related this tale and said that he was homeless when he initially moved to Lagos state from his homeland of Benin City. He then made the decision to inquire around, but those who had professed to enjoy his music turned him down.

He started out by saying, “I came to Lagos and was looking for a place to stay before my song ‘Elon Musk’ blew.” Then, after a few of them had informed me before that they enjoyed my song “Elon Musk,” I began reaching. Out to some of my friends in Lagos who had been showing off their flamboyant lifestyles on WhatsApp status updates. I made contact with four of them, but they all declined my advances.”

This meant that Shallipopi had to start asking around once more for lodging; he finally managed to find someone, but. Only on the condition that he stay at his place for a few days.

Eventually, I came upon someone who invited me to stay with them. I told them I would only be here for four days, but I was lying. I got a performance in Port Harcourt with just my song, “Elon Musk,” which wasn’t really getting much attention at the time, after staying there for four days. However, my flight was covered by the organizers, and the charge was N50,000. My roommates were determined to accompany me. “It was my inaugural flight,” he said.

As luck would have it, Shallipopi’s breakthrough performance happened soon after the success of his hit song, Elon Musk. At the young age of 23, he has already ascended the success ladder with hit after hit and his own record company.


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