Shallipopi, Says My Heart is Fragile so if someone toys with it he would cry.

Shallipopi, Says My Heart is Fragile so if someone toys with it he would cry.

Because my heart is weak, I would cry if someone played with it. – Shallipopi

He emphasized that he is not looking for romantic love.

In honor of his first heartbreak [Instgarm/Shallipopi], Shallipopi had a heartache symbol tattooed on him.

Musician Shallipopi has revealed more about his views on falling in love, emphasizing that he believes relationships are too fragile for his sensitive heart.

The artist declared, “I refuse to get romantically involved with anyone because of the way gen-Zs are,” during a conversation about love and relationships on The Receipts Podcast.

“I am a lover of love, but because of the way this generation is, I do not love,” he declared. Because my heart is weak, I will cry if someone messes with it.

My heart was broken once by someone. After something occurred when we were in a relationship, we ended it. I was not the one at fault.

Even though Shallipopi is a romantic boy at heart, he also mentioned that he is patiently waiting for someone who can match his “vibe.”

The musician previously said in an interview that he is a lover boy and that he wasn’t looking for love, adding that after his first breakup he had a heartbreak sign tattooed on his arm.

“I’m a romantic man. I’m not looking for love right now; if it comes, it happens, but I don’t find it. If I had a female, I’d be talking to her all the time.

I’m just going to let it happen if it arises on its own; it’s real. He remarked, “I would just like her to be herself.

He emphasized in the previous interview that he could never cheat on a romantic partner and that polygamous partnerships are unsuitable for him.

“I’ve never been part of a polygamous couple. In a relationship, I stay with one woman. You’re readily exposed, so I can’t double date. You will undoubtedly get caught if you cheat on your girlfriend if you have one and you love her. I don’t lie because I know I’ll be exposed. It’s not like I’m a simple mark. You can pretend to be clever while lying, but you are aware that you are


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