Sharon Ooja reacts to backlash against Yomi Black’s Controversial ” The Modern Woman”.

Sharon Ooja reacts to backlash against Yomi Black's Controversial " The Modern Woman".

The criticism of The Modern Woman by Yomi Black has been addressed by Sharon Ooja.

When it was published on June 3, 2023, the poster and synopsis soon went viral online as people drew attention to the unfavorable slogan.

“After settling down with the man of her dreams, a young woman rethinks her decision when she is swallowed by the jaws of a toxic men-hating group of feminists,” the synopsis stated.

Ooja, who portrays the lead, has responded to the outcry by severing her connection to the movie until the “false narrative” that was used to market it is repaired 24 hours later.

“Good morning everyone,” she said, “I’d like to address that what was shot in the film Modern Woman has nothing to do with the trending log-line used in the press release (not even close).” “I don’t align with such negativity,” she said.

Shortly after she made her public statement, writer and director Black updated the summary on his Instagram page.

A young woman’s well balanced life, pulled between profession, family, and love, slides into turmoil when she experiences the terrible. Loss of her pregnancy, according to the revised synopsis she faces a perilous journey toward self-discovery while fighting for. Her identity, defying social expectations and embracing her own truth.

Ooja, Timini Egbuson, Bimbo Akintola, Ebere Nwizu, Chinoso Arubayi, Juliet Ibrahim, Nene Nwanyo, and Kammel Audu appear in the film. Which Black also wrote and directed.

Anita Danjamic, who is also credited with writing the script, serves as executive producer of the film, with Babatope Seyi. Serving as the director of photography. Distribution is the responsibility of Cinemax.

On August 18, 2023, The Modern Woman will debut in theaters.


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