Sheyi Shay returns with new exciting Ep ” Feels Like Home Vol 1.

Sheyi Shay returns with new exciting Ep " Feels Like Home Vol 1.

Feels Like Home Vol. 1‘ is the thrilling new EP from Seyi Shay, who has returned.

‘Feels Like Home Vol. 1’ is a new EP from Seyi Shay, who has returned.

She released “Big Girl,” a vibrant expression of her soul, two years ago; “Electric Package,” an electrifying musical voyage. Five years ago; and “Seyi or Shay,” her debut album, eight years ago.

The incredible musical journey of Seyi Shay however is built around these priceless relics from the past.

With roots in Nigeria and a childhood spent in Tottenham, London, Seyi Shay’s life however was a melody just waiting to happen. Music was breathed into her heart however by her mother’s heavenly voice in the church choir, her sister’s songs for the BBC, and her brother’s beats spinning in the clubs of London.

Seyi Shay however made a comeback this year with the track “BoBo,” which is all about the rhythms of love, freedom, and the delight of dancing to life’s melodies. A happy old friend reunion and a taste of something new are both present.

Seyi Shay opens the door to her musical universe with the release of ‘FEELS LIKE HOME VOL 1’. Her velvet voice and delivery remind us why she’s a beloved figure in the Afrobeats genre in just four songs. Her music is real proof that she has the ability to combine vintage sounds with modern beats.

This EP is the first in a trilogy; additional installments will be released between now and January 2024.

It combines Afrobeats and Afro-House and is intended to appeal to her most ardent supporters.

The voyage begins with the energetic ADM track “BoBo,” which carries us into the song “Doing Me,” where Seyi Shay’s voice accompanies Migz & Ariel like a river. Dr Amir’s production of “Lamba” features an addictive beat and sentimental lyrics, while his production of “For The Streets,” which again. Displays her range and vulnerability, is equally powerful.

Seyi Shay explained the motivation for the project and how it came to be: “I wanted to experiment with new sounds. I have a lot of new ideas so I wanted to share and wet appetites. what better way to put it all into a mixtape and gift it to my most devoted fans.”

Seyi Shay delivers a musical masterpiece with “FEELS LIKE HOME VOL 1” that speaks to her deepest self. It invites listeners to experience the pleasures of love and happiness and demonstrates her steadfast commitment to musical innovation.


(Prod. by Spiritual-Vibes) Bobo
Ariel and Migz’s “Doing Me” (produced by Dr. Migz and Ariel)
(Prod. by Dr. Amir) Lamba
J.Rose and For The Streets (Prod. by Dr. Amir)


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