Simi Slams Female Pastor for Preaching against accepting natural hair.

Simi Slams Female Pastor for Preaching against accepting natural hair.

Simi calls out a female pastor for advocating against the acceptance of natural hair.

Her analysis of what the female preacher said has made her a trend right now.

A well-known musician named Simi has criticized a female pastor for saying that in order for women to attract men, they need present themselves well and replace their natural hair with wigs.

After the pastor’s video went viral, the singer noted on her official Twitter account that the preacher was encouraging women to despise themselves. She blamed self-loathing for the reason why so many young women try to lighten their skin tones by bleaching because they feel. Uncomfortable in their own skin.

Simi also observed that when remarks are made regarding women’s natural hair, they find it difficult to love who they are. She believed that the preacher’s assertion that women should cut off their natural hair in order to appear more appealing contributed to negative stereotypes. She then criticized her for delivering poor counsel and serving as a poor role model for young women.

“This is why 90% of skin care products in countries full of beautiful dark skin girls/women are “whitening creams.” And girls are told that the hair that grows out of their hair is not special enough. It’s not that you’re not good enough, it’s that they said you’re not good enough,” the tweet said. “Even when you hide self-hate inside “good advice”. It’s still self-hate.”

She’s also on the pulpit. a good example. Haha. Things that God did not send una, nor hin una like to do.”

After facing criticism for wearing a wig on her display photograph and being labeled a hypocrite, the singer refused to back down and demanded. That people stop pushing women to change for other people.

I’ve now seen real idiots suggest that my point is irrelevant since I’m wearing a blonde wig in my avi. I find it hard to accept that you can be this slow. However, it is most likely red if it appears red. Put on whatever outfit you like. Just quit reminding women that their current state of worth is insufficient. And f**k you,” she tweeted one more.


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