Singer Teni narrates how her Father’s Assassination affected her Childhood.

Singer Teni narrates how her Father's Assassination affected her Childhood.

Teni Apata, a gifted vocalist from Nigeria, talked about how her childhood and upbringing were impacted by the death of her father, late Brig. Gen. Simeon Apata (retd.) on January 8, 1995.

The singer of “Billionaire” said in an interview with media personality Taymesan that she was only two years old when. Armed robbers broke into their home in Lagos and killed her father in front of the family.

She claimed that as a result of the pain of losing her father at such a young age, she struggled with trust while she was growing up.

Singer Teni wants that the term “female” be dropped from the music industry.

Teni stated, “I was affected by the trauma of losing my father at such a young age growing up with him dying away at such a young age.

“You know, him getting killed in front of us all and all that stuff. I was 2 years old at the time.

“His death deprives me of a father figure. Growing up, it kind of gave me however trust difficulties. Considering that they [the gunman] entered our home. On purpose to assassinate him.

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