Skales openly says that there is no Justice in Nigeria.

Skales openly says that there is no Justice in Nigeria.

Skales thinks that there is no justice in Nigeria.

The artist is not among those who believe in Nigeria’s justice institutions. for this?

Raoul John Njeng-Njeng, best known by his stage name Skales, is a well-known artist who vehemently refutes the idea that. Justice exists in Nigeria.

In a recent interview for the Terms and Conditions podcast on the Pulse network, the artist expressed his position. Emphasizing that justice does not exist in the federal republic. According to the artist, justice in Nigeria can only be achieved when the general public is aware of what is happening.

This follows the terrifying incident he had with some Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) agents who broke. Into his house.

His residents were terrified on October 10, 2023. Skales recounted that hectic night, emphasizing that if he hadn’t brought everyone’s attention to the abuses on Twitter, the operatives would have gotten. Away with it.

There is no justice here, he declared. “I don’t believe in justice in Nigeria, if you check my tweets, I stated “Who am I going to report to?” All I believe is that justice operates when the public is aware of what is happening.

Guess what, if I hadn’t spoken, they would have gotten away with it. That day was just unfortunate for them since they had no idea they were heading to Skales’ house. So they would have gotten away with it.

When they arrived and inquired about the location of the house, my sons informed them that it was Skales’; perhaps this is. Why they came to my room to confirm. What would have occurred if I had not been Skales, then?”

The EFCC originally denied ever breaking into the singer’s home on October 10 after the raid had place there and demanded. Proof of the fact.

The commission acknowledged that they were acting on a tip, and then made the announcement that they had detained two suspected fraudsters from his home, one of whom was Skales’ signee. However, after Skales supplied a wealth of proof on his account to support his claims. The commission attested that they were acting on a tip.

He further revealed that his signee had not been released since then and that no charges had been brought against him during the. Interrogation.


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