Skales put Efcc on blast for allegedly breaking into his house.

Skales put Efcc on blast for allegedly breaking into his house.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC has come under fire from Nigerian singer Skales for reportedly breaking into his. Home and mistreating his family.

He criticized the commission for the behavior of its agents on his now-defunct Twitter account, alleging they broke in through his back door. He claimed that when he was sound sleeping with his six-month-old baby, they arrived carrying hammers and sticks.

“So @officialEFCC pulled up to my house with 3 men however brandishing guns and some wielding sticks and hammers lol, they broke my back door while I was sleeping on the bed with my 6 month old daughter, imagine I had a panic attack Cuz of my health issues,” was the first tweet he sent. Is this not an offense?”

The artist continued by criticizing the EFCC agents in a series of tweets for mistreating his family. He made a note that the cops had said they had information indicating he was involved in fraudulent operations, hence the routine check.

Skales was so incensed that he also claimed that his producer, who was also in the home at the time of the invasion, had been. Injured by the officials.

“God go punish una @officialEFCC I am not a criminal, however I have never committed fraud in my life, and. You came in with guns to oppress me in front of my daughter and her mother and my staff,” the entertainer continued.

“As long as you work for the EFCC, you will never succeed in everything you do! You’re never going to succeed.

They used a stick to strike my producer in the leg. Think about @officialEFCC without a father! You guys are a criminal organization, and the level of authority you possess is sad. You are abusing it because of this, enikure.

His fans in the comment section suggested him to sue the EFCC, but Skales expressed his lack of confidence in the legal system. Skales continued to pledge his new-found hatred for the organization, criticizing their manner of operation, and emphasising that. Operating at night made no sense.

Skales accuses the EFCC of breaking into his home and criticizes them for it.

He berated the agency for breaking in and terrorizing his home on numerous occasions.


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