Soma Apologies Openly “that he is not an abuser” over his Altercation with Angel.

Soma Apologies Openly "that he is not an abuser" over his Altercation with Angel.

Soma Anyama, a contestant on Big Brother Naija, has expressed regret for his triggering behavior during his argument with Angel inside the house, for which he was given a strike.

In a recent post-eviction interview with Arise TV, he apologized and stressed that he would never injure Angel or any woman for that matter. The reality star made it clear that he wanted the audience to know that his at-the-time apparent violence was out of character for him.

Before continuing, Soma apologized for the impression that he had made by saying, “I got a strike in the home. I would never hurt Angel or any girl; I am a wonderful gentleman.

However, there are instances when we feel overwhelmed by our emotions and frustrations, coupled with the fact that we are at home, which causes us to act irrationally and out of character.

Even though the confrontation with Angel appeared to be so damaging, he said, he wanted the public to know that he is a woman lover and that he is not an abuser or woman beater.

“I love women and I stand up for women. I am not an abuser, and I have never injured a lady. If you didn’t notice, I shouted “girl power” most of the time inside the house.

So sure, I’m all for women, and that’s something I’d love for people to realize,” Soma said.

Soma followed Angel everywhere she went, blocking her way, and forcing her to speak to him despite her repeated protests that she did not want to. Back in the house, the two got into a fight, and during it, she walked away from him and refused to talk to. Him.

In the videos, Soma appeared to be quite agitated by her decision to remain silent and tightly gripped her arm. Refusing to let go even after she ordered him to leave her alone.

Biggie gave him a strike for this behavior, and he also faced criticism from the public who dubbed his harassment of women as violent and abusive. He has now issued a formal apology for this behavior.


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