Stella Dimoko slams Yvonne Nelson on the accusation issue placed on Tonto Dikeh over Iyanya.

Stella Dimoko slams Yvonne Nelson on the accusation issue placed on Tonto Dikeh over Iyanya.

Stella Dimoko Korkus, a contentious blogger, criticized Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson for her allegations against Nollywood actor and businessman Tonto Dikeh.

Since the release of her memoir, Yvonne Nelson has been in the news for her allegations that Tonto Dikeh had relationships with several people, including her ex-boyfriend Iyanya Onoyom Mbuka, also known by his stage as Iyanya.

Stella Dimoko Korkus defended Tonto, stating that Yvonne slandered the actress and that her book is filled with fabrications.

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Asserting that Tonto had never dated Iyanya, Stella charged that Yvonne had exploited Nigerian celebrities for the sake of her own career.

Stella said that Yvonne had an affair with her ex-friend’s spouse and became pregnant as a result.

Following a Twitter argument between the two actresses, Stella continued by claiming that she had finished her “investigation” years earlier and had not discovered any proof of a relationship between Tonto and Iyanya.

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“Hello, Yvonne.”

Your book is a devil’s den of lies.

There was never a time when TONTO dated Iyanya, despite what you said in the fabrication you refer to as a book.

It’s been a while, and it’s unfortunate that you singled out Naija celebrities in your book, but hey, we all know that what you did was the quickest method to revive a dormant career.

TONTO nope drama queen, so you’re counting on her response to help sell out your book. I hope she completely ignores you, and I feel bad for the people who bought that collection of made-up lies.

Since you’ve decided to reminisce, I hope you don’t include in the book that your ex-friend’s husband was the reason you went back to your birthplace. I’m hoping you’ll add on and give a book-length justification for why you stole the man even if Una didn’t disperse.

You talk about cheating but neglect to admit that you actually do it to the guy. I’ll repeat that TONTO and Iyanya were busy friends and did not date, but if you insist, please show us a picture of the two of them in bed together because you need to have proof in your possession before you go printing gibberish that people would buy.

I conducted my inquiry following the Twitter kerfuffle years ago, and I’m doing it now to rectify the record. Please, Abeg, refrain from bringing your lies from Ghana to Nigeria.

Iyanya, please don’t waste your time with another response on the traffic for the book she found. God bless!She posted this on Instagram.


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