SZA & Victoria Monet pens appreciation notes to Beyonce Post Grammy Wins.

SZA & Victoria Monet pens appreciation notes to Beyonce Post Grammy Wins.

After Beyonce won the Grammys, SZA and Victoria Monet wrote her a note of gratitude.

They both managed to convey their sincere appreciation and gratitude for Beyoncé.

American artists SZA and Victoria Monet, who recently won Grammy awards, have thanked Beyoncé from the bottom of their hearts for her support after the music event on February 4, 2024.

SZA, who won her first Grammy, posted a lovely arrangement of white roses on her Instagram story along with a kind note from Beyoncé. With the message, “I’m so happy for you beautiful watching you grow and winning is an honour sending you huge congrats talented Queen all my love and respect B,” Beyoncé expressed her admiration for SZA’s accomplishments and growth.

SZA wrote, “Thank you for seeing me before anyone else saw me. Thank you for making me feel valuable when I was the tiniest in the room. Thank you for shining your light on me and pouring into me the goddess-level kindness. May God continue to protect and bless you, Queen Beyoncé,” as the caption for her heartfelt Instagram post in response to the gesture.

Singer Victoria Monet also used Instagram after winning her first Grammy to thank Beyoncé, posting a sincere message along with a photo of herself with the music diva.

Monet, who typically lacks the bravery to approach people, shared on Instagram how nervous she was when she first went up to Beyoncé.

But Monet said he experienced an immense serenity after talking to Beyoncé.

“It felt like home… and I knowwww that sounds crazy, but I felt it and that had to be God and some guardian angels too!” Monet wrote in her post, expressing her deep admiration. She went on to acknowledge Beyoncé’s influence on her musical journey, saying, “God knows how much I love you, how you’ve musically raised me and trained me to be a better performer by watching and experiencing you.”

“Diana, Tina, Aretha! My Bey!!!” Monet highlighted the influence Beyoncé has had on her as a performer, characterizing her history as the ideal blueprint for any artist. The Grammy-winning musician continued to characterize Beyoncé as her inspiration.

Beyoncé’s ability to juggle motherhood and international success was also lauded by Monet, who used her sensitivity in movies and in real life as an influence. She also said that Beyoncé’s candor regarding this balance was crucial in assisting her in overcoming the challenges she had after giving birth.


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