Talented music star Tim Lyre releases New EP “Masta”.

Talented music star Tim Lyre releases New EP "Masta".

However the new EP “Masta” by gifted musician Tim Lyre is released.

Tim Lyre, an afro-fusion musician, releases his new kaleidescopic EP titled “MASTA.”

It comes after his debut album “Worry <,” which was published in March 2022 and quickly became a cult favorite within the alt-e crowd.

‘MASTA’ began as a creative journey that crossed boundaries, originating from his adopted home of London and his hometown of Lagos.

Tim Lyre demonstrates his extraordinary range in this musical masterwork by viewing Hip Hop, Dancehall, Amapiano, R&B, and Afrobeats through an afro-futurist lens.

With his deft songwriting, he creates a charming, wise aura and gracefully highlights the extraordinary abilities of Nigerian musicians. Tay Iwar & Minz, South African musician Khanyisa, and British musician Jords.

Furthermore the project stands out as a breath of new air, boldly showing Tim’s unwavering devotion to artistic inquiry with. Its daring departure from thematic tropes and meticulous attention to every detail of the futuristic sound.

“In order to enhance myself generally and feel secure in myself. I want you to put up your best effort as well. Ensure your own well-being. Moreover Tim Lyre remarks of his upcoming EP, “I’m excited to see the best version of you.”

MASTA is a dynamic pan-African and diasporic masterwork that features joint efforts from the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Nigeria. It skillfully blends voices and cultures into a harmonious, globe-trotting symphony, a global reflection of where afro-fusion finds itself in 2023.

However the lead singles “Confess” and “Chasing Wind” have received over a million streams. His upcoming single, “Tighter,” features one of the year’s rising talents, Minz, and is produced by frequent partner DaRe. It’s a seductive, steamy Afrobeats jam that deftly handles themes of sexuality, love, and sheer delight.

Moreover the fourth single, “Why Evils,” which features the mysterious Tay Iwar, is a contemplative boom bap song that was recorded in the heart of south London and features two afro-fusion luminaries. It’s an ethereal piece that will undoubtedly become a classic in the genre.

Focus track “MASTA,” a cocky, confident song set to a distinct blend of Amapiano and dancehall, will be released on November 15th alongside the whole project. Produced by Tim and Code6, it features the south London patois stylings of Motown Record’s Jords.

However it’s the kind of record that could only have been made in the melting pot of London town, with musical references to South Africa, Jamaica, and his hometown of Lagos.

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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