Tems Discloses that she deals with being overstimulated by praying.

Tems Discloses that she deals with being overstimulated by praying.

Tems reveals that she uses prayer as a coping mechanism for being overstimulated.

God is the center of all she does, and she wants everyone to know that.

However the singer-songwriter Tems is totally fearless of criticism as she proclaims her love for her God from the. Rooftops and attributes her achievement to him.

In an interview with Cool FM, the performer emphasized that she incorporates prayer into her daily routine, particularly while she. Is traveling. What was her response when someone asked how she manages being overstimulated? Hail.

“I have a routine and a couple of practices and prayer is one of them. Every time I’m on the road, in a plane or in a car, I’m always listening to a message of some sorts,” she said.

However she emphasized that her relationship with God is important to her on her path and noted that people have different belief systems.

“I know what I’ve been through it’s important that people know that I didn’t come here by myself and everything. Has been orchestrated by God and I wanna be as honest as possible no matter how much backlash, some people. Might think it’s weird but it’s okay i stand on what I believe in people have different beliefs and I get that and I have to thank him,” stated the musician.

Tems made it clear that she didn’t want anyone to ever believe that she did it all by herself.

“I wonder how someone would feel if you said, ‘I’ve just been doing my own thing, I came here by. Myself, everything I got was me,'” even if you are in a relationship or have gone through something with someone. And they ask you, ‘How did you do this?, and you know that they have been supporting and shepherding you through it.

However in her words, “God is not a word or just an idea; to me, he is real, my life is real, and my journey is real. Even in the darkest moments, I have persevered because I have to,”

Notably, Tems responded to critics who said she was “not living a Godly life” in 2022 by reminding them that she. Is not someone’s Christian savior and that she did not come to support their theological convictions.

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