The 1976 movie “Shaihu Umar which is based on Tarawa Balewa’s Book is set for US Distribution.

The 1976 movie "Shaihu Umar which is based on Tarawa Balewa's Book is set for US Distribution.

Based on Tafawa Balewa’s book, the 1976 movie “Shaihu Umar” was intended for US release.

The Arsenal Institute in Berlin restored the full-length film. It will be distributed by ArtMattan Films.

Shaihu Umar, a 1976 film based on Tafawa Balewa’s eponymous novella, is set to be restored, according to a statement. From ArtMattan Films, a distribution business based in New York.

The film was restored from the original negative by Berlin-based Arsenal Institute, and subsequently acquired for distribution by ArtMattan. Films, the initial sponsors of the traveling New York African Diaspora International Film Festival (NYADIFF), according to a recent article. By Akoroko.

The important piece of Nigerian film, which was directed by Adamu Halilu in 1976, was rediscovered in 2016 when the. Negatives and prints were located in the Nigerian Film Corporation’s archive.

Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, the first and only prime minister of Nigeria following independence in 1960, wrote the novella on which Shaihu Umar is based.

The novel, which is set in northern Nigeria, follows Islamic scholar Shaihu Umar, the title character, as he narrates his life story, which is characterized by lowly beginnings, being separated from his mother, hardships during his time as a slave, and finally being adopted by his Arab master as a son rather than a slave.

“The film’s significance lies in its rediscovery as a cultural and historical depiction of Nigeria during a transformative period in African history, produced during a period that was not far removed from independence,” Akoroko said.


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