The Black Book was recorded as last week third most watched film on Netflix Globally.

The Black Book was recorded as last week third most watched film on Netflix Globally.

According to Netflix’s weekly top 10 chart, The Black Book has been one of the most watched movies on the service during the past week.

With a total of 11.2 million views and 21.3 million hours between September 25, 2023, and October 1, 2023, the crime thriller placed in third in a global ranking of the most watched. English-language movies.

In addition to South Korea, the United States of America, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Kenya, Martinique, Panama, Poland, Romania, Venezuela, and Nigeria are among the 69 nations where. The Black Book is now being viewed.

The movie’s director, Editi Effiong, however acknowledged the historic achievement on Twitter and thanked everyone for their contributions.

“Never in my life did I think this could happen. Thank you so much to everyone who watched, shared, talked about. Thank you, my amazing cast and crew,” he wrote on. Instagram.

For the industry and the debut director, however Effiong, this new record for the biggest African title globally on Netflix is another. Milestone.

Richard Mofe-Damijo, who plays a man whose son is wrongfully imprisoned and slain for kidnapping, is a character in the movie The Black Book. In an effort to defend his son’s name, the father—who left his troubled past behind and become a deacon. Takes matters into his own hands and engages in a legal battle with a corrupt police gang and. A mysterious organization.

The main cast of the film, which is being produced by Anakle Films, consists of Olumide Oworu, Sam Dede, Shaffy Bello. Iretiola Doyle, Taiwo Ajayi Lycett, Ade Laoye, Ikechukwu Onunaku, Patrick Doyle, and. Bimbo Manuel.

Despite these flaws, “The Black Book” is proof that Nollywood has the ability to make action, thriller, and criminal films that are intriguing and resonate on a worldwide scale. It disproves stereotypes and illustrates the development and aspirations of the sector. “The Black Book” delivers a distinctive viewing experience that should not be missed, whether you enjoy action thrillers or. Thought-provoking dramas.

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In conclusion, “The Black Book” is more than just a movie; moreover it marks an important turning point in Nollywood’s development toward popularity and. Recognition outside.

It serves as a reminder that, even with a $1 million budget, magical filmmaking can occur when vision, talent, and tenacity come. Together.

Well done to the cast, crew, and director. I guess this is all for now, and it’s time to move on to the next big thing Nollywood has to offer. 2023 would be a terrific year for the majority of filmmakers and actors because this milestone will undoubtedly be. Remembered fondly.


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