The Men’s Club Season 4 officially releases date on june 30th 2033 on Prime Videos.

The Men's Club Season 4 officially releases date on june 30th 2023 on Prime Videos.

The well-liked romantic drama series, The men’s club now in its fourth season, follows Aminu, Louis, Tayo, and Lanre. As they seek to excel in relationships, business, friendship, and family while dealing with a number of unanticipated obstacles.

“As they navigate the ups and downs of external relationships, the boys grapple with their own issues. Including career setbacks, family tensions, and the pitfalls of fame, the season is full of emotional twists and turns. Will they emerge stronger together or will the ships hit an iceberg and sink? Then this season promises to be the most intense yet!” reads the synopsis.

Pere Egbi will take over as Aminu in the much awaited following season from Ayoola Ayolola, despite the outcry from fans in 2021.

After receiving criticism, the show’s lead writer, Dami Elebe. Then released a statement on Twitter defending the choice to recast Ayolola’s part.

“It’s not our fault that the actor relocated — without telling us, if I may add — and I don’t want the people. Including me, who are working hard to give an amazing show to be made to feel bad by the fans. We absolutely love and are doing our best for,” she wrote.

Ayolola ultimately used his Instagram account to refute earlier reports that he departed the show without officially informing the production staff, forcing them to replace him.

The actor wrote: “Contrary to what was said, I did not relocate without letting the executive producers and producers of the show know. With that being said, I cannot wait to be back on your screens again eventually.

Baaj Adebule, Efa Iwara, Daniel Etim Effiong, Nengi Adoki, Linda Osifo, Ibrahim Suleiman, Rahama Sadau, Sharon Ooja, Sola Sobowale. And Shaffy Bello are among the familiar and unfamiliar characters returning for season four afterwards.

The first episode of the show, which was created by Tola Odunsi, has received over 1 million views since it debuted. And has won numerous accolades, including the Gage Award for the best web series of 2020. And the best African series at the HAP Awards (Hollywood & African Prestigious Awards) 2021.

On June 30, 2023, The Men’s Club makes its debut exclusively on Prime Video.

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