The Recap of Anikpulapo set to hit the screen in March.

The Recap of Anikpulapo set to hit the screen in March.

The “Aníkúlápó” synopsis you need to know before the new TV series sequel airs in March

The movie follows Saro as he begins an affair with his love interest Arolake, who is the wife of Alaafin Ademuyiwa, the Alaafin of Oyo.

The “Aníkúlápó” synopsis you need to know before the new TV series sequel airs in March

Aníkúlápó, the 2022 Netflix original film directed by Kunle Afolayan, is returning with a six-part series titled Aníkúlápó: Rise of the Spectre.

The narrative continues where the first one left off, following Saro (Kunle Remi) as he navigates a series of obstacles in order to achieve his goals.

The movie centers on Saro and his romantic interest Arolake (Bimbo Ademoye), who has an affair with Saro while being. Married to Alaafin Ademuyiwa (Taiwo Hassan), the Alaafin of Oyo. Following their capture, the couple makes an attempt to abscond from Oyo.

Saro’s tale gets worse when he is apprehended by the villagers and nearly killed by beatings however, they have an. Opportunity because of this when Saro is approached by the bird Akala, which transports humans from the world of the. Living to the afterlife, Arolake steps in, drives Akala away, and takes his gourd, which holds Saro’s magic.

Saro starts to raise the dead with the gourd, and they become extremely wealthy but Saro’s greed is nourished by. This money and ultimately brings him to regrettable ends.


As the movie closes, Akala is upset about his lost gourd even after discovering Saro dead, Arolake’s empty gourd continues. To be a threat to him and his abilities additionally, Saro has already tipped the scales of life and death. By using the gourd to bring individuals back to life.

Queen Arolake, meanwhile, is sick of Saro and his avaricious and covetous behavior. Arolake empties the gourd, leaving Saro defenseless in the palace, after he says he won’t rear a king’s son unless he weds the king’s daughter. She packs up her belongings and leaves the village, leaving Saro to face his fate with his new wives and an irritated monarch. By this time, she has become an expert at eloping.

Following Saro’s treachery, Arolake’s first husband, Alaafin Ademuyiwa, is still searching for her.

Saro is dead at the end of the film. Because of his avarice, he asks for a princess’s hand in marriage in return for her brother, the prince, living. However, he falls short of fulfilling his half of the agreement, and the king becomes enraged since the gourd is empty. After being beaten by the locals and left for dead outside the hamlet, Akala arrives, gathers his gourd, and transports him to the afterlife.


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