Timi Dakolo strikes fine balance of Nigerian genres on the Chorus Leader.

Timi Dakolo strikes fine balance of Nigerian genres on the Chorus Leader.

Timi Dakolo’s song “The Chorus Leader” skillfully blends several Nigerian traditions.

The attempts to reiterate in the album’s title his position as one of Nigeria’s best vocalists.

Since Timi Dakolo doesn’t release many albums, the projects he does release are meticulously planned to satiate his fans’ appetites. And give them something concrete to grasp onto until the charismatic singer drops another album in August.

Four years after the release of his 2019 Christmas CD, Timi Dakolo’s third album, titled “The Chorus Leader(TCL),” was published on January 26, 2024.

Dakolo’s attempt to reiterate his position as one of Nigeria’s best vocalists, whose work is rooted in the intricate musicianship. Of gospel music while simultaneously embracing his South-South culture and the always changing Afrobeats environment, is also reflected in. The title of the album.

Explores Soul, R&B, Afrobeats, Jazz, Highlife, Gyration, Afrobeat, and Gospel while expressing his perspectives on the subjects of love, family. Hope, and faith in his 17-track album “TCL,” which is packed with songs that cut across numerous genres.

He takes on the role of orchestra conductor on “TCL,” creating an album that glides effortlessly and masterfully switches between. Genres and ideas, holding listeners’ attention for 61 minutes as they journey to a satisfying conclusion.

When music is created with the intention of appealing to a wide range of listeners, it can occasionally end up being unfocused toward any one group of people because it lacks many of the elements necessary to hold the interest of that group. In order to address this issue, musicians utilize a foundational tone that resonates with a specific audience while releasing segments of music that invite others to join the fold.

This delicate balance is struck by Timi Dakolo in “TCL,” a song whose fundamental attraction is to listeners whose taste buds are shaped by the sounds of modern gospel music and a certain group of people who appreciate a contemporary interpretation of traditional Nigerian music.

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