Tiwa Savage’s Film ” Water and Garri” to debut on Prime Video in 2024.

Tiwa Savage's Film " Water and Garri" to debut on Prime Video in 2024.

On Prime Video, Tiwa Savage makes her feature debut in the drama “Water and Garri.”

However Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage is scheduled to make her feature debut in the upcoming film “Water and Garri,” which. Will be available on Prime Video in 2024.

In addition the film, which was recorded in Cape Coast, Ghana, will only be seen in more than 240 countries globally and features compelling storyline and cinematography.

The drama, according to the producer, is about an ambitious fashion designer named Aisha who, after ten years away in the USA due to a family bereavement, returns to her hometown.

The film also shows Aisha’s discovery of how her family’s life has changed, with tensions running high and violence increasing.

She has to learn to live with her wounds and face the shame she left behind as she makes new. Connections with her loved ones, old friends, and her former partner.

However according to Ayanna Lonian, director of content acquisition at Prime Video, Water and Garri offers viewers a unique viewpoint. On the high-caliber, modern African stories that they are seeking.

“With the rest of the immensely talented cast and crew, Meji Alabi, as the film director, and Tiwa Savage, as. The lead, have truly delivered a stellar debut,” Lonian stated.

According to Tiwa Savage, the journey from concept to global release on Prime Video during the film’s development and filming is a dream come true.

“I am thrilled to share this sensitive aspect of myself that I have never exposed with my followers and newer. Audiences i am really excited to share the story with the world since Meji Alabi brought it to life so beautifully,” the woman remarked.

Unbound Studios executive and producer Jimi Adesanya expressed how happy the studio is to work with Prime Video, which recognizes the cultural milestone.

Water and Garri is a co-production of Everything Savage, Unbound Studios, and JM Films Jimi Adesanya produced, Meji Alabi. Directed and edited the film, Comfort Emmanuel wrote the script, and Tiwa Savage provided the music Savage, Vannessa Amadi-Ogbonna. Adesanya, and Alabi are the executive producers.

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