Toke Makinwa confirms that she will soon get married.

Toke Makinwa
This occurs right after it was said that she and Sharon Ooja were fighting over a male.

In answer to an inquiry on Snapchat, Makinwa offered the intriguing facts.

She was questioned on Snapchat by a follower if she planned to wed in the future. @Badboy CHASE, a user, had posted, “Any plan of settling down in the future?”

The media personality responded by writing, ““Yesssssss, I’m getting married soon.”

The Instagram blogger Cutie Julls claimed that the fashion enthusiast and Nollywood actress Sharon Ooja are currently at each other’s throats because of a man, which made headlines recently.

The contentious blogger claims that the two women are squabbling over a boy called Farouk.

The blogger wrote: “Well it all started that Toke introduced Sharon Ooja to Farouk her supposed friend. Remember I have said it here severally that Toke likes Farouk on the low but some of you were insorting me.

Now, she introduced Sharon thinking Farouk will knack Sharon and move on. Cuz Farouk is a mommy’s boy. His mom loves him so much and the mom is extreme when it comes to women in her son’s life. But guess what? Farouk fell madly for Sharon and for a plus, Farouk’s almighty mom, loves and adores Sharon. That is when the problem started.

“So it turned out Farouk really wanted to get married to Sharon and started talking to Sharon in that direction. Sharon knowing Toke did the whole introduction made her friend aware of Farouk’s intentions. Now somehow somehow Sharon started hearing some unpleasant rumours about Farouk which they spoke about it. So like normal couple fights.

“When Sharon is upset with her man, she will usually call Toke. Toke too will add her own o, but then record Sharon’s version and be sending to Farouk according to Farouk’s camp. They have more than 5 recordings of such. Toke knowing that Farouk doesn’t like it when people talk about him and yahoo yahoo deals, Toke made sure Sharon said it with her mouth that she won’t settle with yahoo yahoo boy. Boom, Toke recorded and sent to Farouk. Farouk also shared with few of his friends and of course his mama.”

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