Tolu Ajayi’s story ” Over the Bridge” Promises to arrive with intriguing stories.

Tolu Ajayi's story " Over the Bridge" Promises to arrive with intriguing stories.

More information on what to expect in the feature film Over The Bridge may be found in the recently released trailer.

The makers have published the official trailer ahead of the impending October 18, 2023, United Kingdom debut, which offers a. Considerably deeper tale than we had anticipated.

In his novel Over The Bridge, Tosin Otudeko depicts the tale of Folarin Marinho, an investment banker who struggles with. Alcoholism and sporadic panic attacks.

He vanishes while engaged on a significant project in Lagos, the most populous state in Nigeria. His wife learns during the hunt for him the stress and difficulties her husband experienced as a result of the. High-profile government task he was working on.

The teaser also shows the difficulties the couple encounters as a result of the man’s difficulties at work and the battle to balance everything despite the dangers.

Ozzy Agu, who plays the protagonist, is joined by veteran actress Joke Silva, Deyemi Okanlawon, Segilola Ogidan, Akin Lewis, Elma Mbadiwe, Tosin Osinaike, Chimezie Imo, Ropo Ewenla, Adeyemi Akinsanya, and Paul Adams in this production, which is produced by Bose Oshin and directed by Tolulope Ajayi.

The Ritzy in Brixton, London, Finsbury Park Picturehouse in London, Greenwich Picturehouse in London, Stratford East Picturehouse in London, West Norwood Picturehouse in London, Dukes at Komedia in Brighton, Exeter Picturehouse in Exeter, Picturehouse at FACT in Liverpool, Cinema City in Norwich, and Harbour Lights in Southampton are among the ten theaters that will show Over The Bridge across six cities in the United Kingdom.

In an exclusive interview with Shockng, Tosin Otudeko, the screenwriter, described the film as an emotional drama. She also admitted that although she had the idea for the novel more than 11 years ago, she didn’t pursue. It until she thought the plot was current and important.

“I worked with a script mentor who reviewed the initial drafts quite early in the process and after speaking with. The director we carried on the journey for about two years of reviewing the script, developing and aligning our visions. To what we have today,” says Otudeko when narrating her process for writing the movie script.

We can only hope as we wait for the psychological drama as there is currently no date for the Nigerian debut.

In particular, the theme of mental health problems in the business sector in Lagos is discussed in Over The Bridge. Along with the pressures that corporate employees must deal with.

We wait in expectation as no release date has yet been announced.


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