Toni Tones will play lead role in Wande Thomas Series ” Spiraling”.

Toni Tones will play lead role in Wande Thomas Series " Spiraling".

Moreover Toni Tones will be the main character in Wande Thomas’ television series “Spiraling.”

In Lagos, Nigeria, principal photography for the series has started.

However the primary cast of the upcoming television series Spiraling has been revealed as Nigerian actress Toni Tones.

However this was verified in a press statement with BellaNaija by the show’s producers, Isoken Ogiemwonyi and Wande Thomas. The film’s screenwriter and director, Wande Thomas, expressed his excitement about collaborating with the actress, saying he has long admired her.

“It was always Toni. I had her in mind when I was writing and I’m truly thrilled to be working with such an incredible actress,” said the director.

“Toni’s work demonstrates a dedication to nuanced portrayals of complex, flawed, women on the big screen,” he said. Thomas posted clips on Instagram that featured Tones on the set of the program.

Furthermore the other producer of the show, Isoken Ogiemwonyi, previously revealed that the choice of Tones as the lead actress was not an exception, since the casting decisions were vital to the plot’s evolution.

Along with Mathilda Akatugba, Ric Hassani, Folu Storms, and Seun Ajayi, Tones joins the cast. The concept of the human psyche is explored in Spiraling. It chronicles the decisions made by a software entrepreneur with a dark secret as she works toward atonement.

The project, which Thomas wrote, developed, and directed, is about a software entrepreneur who has a terrible secret and the decisions she must make in order to find atonement. This month, the series is being produced in Lagos.

One of the best performers of her generation, Toni Tones recently wrapped up her part in the Biodun Stephen-directed film “Deafening Silence,” which was made in collaboration with the UNDP and the Foundation for Resilient Empowerment and Development.

Prioritized stars Seun Ajayi, Folu Storms, Mathilda Akatugba, and Ric Hassani are among the cast members.

Production on the series is presently underway in Lagos.

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