Tonto Dikeh accuses Mohbad’s Father of Charging money for interviews about son’s death.

Tonto Dikeh accuses Mohbad's Father of Charging money for interviews about son's death.

Tonto Dikeh charges Mohbad’s father of receiving payment for interviews over the passing of his son.

By Daramola Ibukunoluwa
Tonto Dike feels hurt that Mohbad’s father is more concerned with financial possessions than he is with grieving over his own son.

The Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has expressed her displeasure with Mohad’s father in an open letter published on her new site.

On Thursday, November 30, 2023, Dikeh wrote a message to his father on her Instagram post featuring the late musician. Ilerioluwa Aloba, also known as Mohbad she was very clear about how unhappy she was with his seeming preference for money over. Getting justice for his deceased kid she was against the singer’s hurried burial, which happened the day following his.

Her piece began: “I can empathise with the harsh realities of poor condition, but when it involves your own flesh. And blood, your son, it’s truly heartbreaking how is it that material things or wealth seems to outweigh the love. For your own child? The hurried and undignified burial of our dear Mohbad within a mere 24 hours of his. Supposed passing, compounded by insufficient arrangements due to financial constraints after getting a whooping sum of 2million Naira, is deeply. Distressing considering his status. Need I remind you of the shameless, senseless and inhumane way mob’s neck was broken?”

She continued by denouncing his persistent demand that Mohbad’s little son Liam undergo a DNA test, claiming that his interest. In the.

Once money began to be transferred into the boy’s bank account, his curiosity about the boy’s paternity only increased. He should take Wunmi with his DNA demands, Dikeh reminded him, as she was his son’s wife and his current widow.

Although we acknowledged that Mohbad is indeed your son, please note that he was a married man, and the responsibility should extend to his wife regardless of any circumstances. This is why we decided to exhume your son’s remains, as a testament to our shared concern among Nigerian youth.

It’s critical to address the rights of that woman directly—she is the one with the answers—while pursuing international support and DNA proof. However, I wholeheartedly concur with a


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