Tonto Dikeh explains how she almost became a pastor before she came into stardom.

Tonto Dikeh explains how she almost became a pastor before she came into stardom.

How attending church as a child nearly led to my becoming a pastor Tonto Dikeh

Additionally, Tonto admitted to her supporters that she still values decency and finds modest clothing unpleasant.

I grew raised in church, the mother of one wrote. I was Department Head and a Cell Leader. Assistant. I nearly went into ministry. I still have a 70 percent rural mindset. I’M SO AWKWARD ABOUT SHOWING CLOTHING.
Just never could I learn it!”

Some of Tonto Dikeh’s admirers responded to her post by saying they knew her when she was a church girl, while others praised her for always dressing nicely.

Observations are as follows:

Tontolet, I remember you from when you were a cell leader in Royalty PCF in Port Harcourt. We go to the same church, Richlife wrote. You were very active in carrying out God’s will!!! going out to spread the gospel and win souls! And before you took on the role of cell leader, your leader brother Ugochukwu served in that capacity! You are extremely loved by Pastor Mary and Evangelist Eddy Owase! because you were serious about what God had to say! I’m very grateful to God for bringing you this far!”

You look lovely in this dress, despite the fact that Immesoing stated, “I can relate, sometimes I want to try wearing some revealing clothes but omo the spirit is not willing it always works against the flesh regarding it.”

“Yeah!” wrote Lyquins. You don’t wear clothing that exposes you, as I’ve noticed when you started acting in movies. Nevertheless, you remain stunning and fantastic.

“Some upbringing can never leave you no matter how hard you try, and even the friends you keep can’t change you,” the Princess wrote. That is why having a dirty foundation is important.

Godsplan stated, “You are just a God’s gift, which is why he continues on lifting you every day. You are the apple of God’s eyes, and he watches you in all that you do since you are carrying out his task.

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