Tunisia Filmmakers

Date  of Birth: 1st  March  1991, Tunisian. 


Occupation: Actress and Filmmaker. 


Year Active: 2002- Present.


Debut Movie: Les Femmes.


Movies: L’ enemi Naturel,  L’ Annulaire,  L’ Ecole Pous  Tous , Burning  Hope,  Hope  Mafille and ManyMore.

Doria Achour

Date of Birth: 4th April  1971, Tunisian. 


Occupation: Actress/Filmmaker.


Debut Movie: The  Bouquet. 


Movies: An Evening in July, Red Satin,  Dowaha (Secrets),  Foreign  Body and  More.


Awards and Achievements: Numerou

Raja Amari

Date of Birth: 1971, Tunisian. 


Occupation : Filmmaker and  Writer.


Debut Movie: She and He.


Year Active: 1996 – Date. 


Movies: Lost in  Tunisia,  Rouge Parole, Tunis  by  night.

Elyes Baccar

Date of Birth: 15th December 1945.


Occupation: Filmmaker, Writer and Politician.


Year Active : 1976 till Present.


Debut Work: Fatma 75.


Movies  :Dance  of  Fire,  Dance  of  Fire,  Flower of Oblivion, Moon Child, Baydha, Peluche, Le Seceret  de  Meters.


Awards : Numerous.

Salma Baccar

Date of Birth: 23rd May 1984, Tunisia.

Occupation: Poet &  Filmmaker.

Year Active:  2010- Present. 

Debut Film : Sideways. huh

Movies: Better Tomorrow, Bobby, 35mm, Omerta,  Le Challat de and More.

Medhi Bsrsaoui

Date of Birth: 12th June 1949.

Nationality: Tunisia.

Debut Work: The Passion Of Christ.

Year Active: 2010.

Occupation: Filmmaker.

Movie Works: Hannibal Rising, Femme Fetale and More.

Awards and Achievements: Numerous.

Tarak Ben Ammar

Date of Birth: 1983.

Nationality: Tunisia.

Debut Work: The Carthage Castaways.

Year Active: 2009.

Occupation: Filmmaker.

Movie Works : The Wedding Song, Sideways, No More Fear, Viva Carthage, Bobby, 35MM and More.

Mohammed Habib Attia

Date of Birth : 7th August 1947.

Nationality: Tunisia.

Debut Work: The Hyena’s Sun and Les Anges.

Year Active: 1964.

Occupation: Filmmaker.

Movie Works: The Magic Box, Always Brando, The Flower of Aleppo and more.

Awards: Numerous.

Ridha Behi

Nationality: Tunisia.

Debut Work: L’ Amant de lady Chatter.

Year Active: 1981.

Movie Works: Les 100 nuits, Trois Soeurs, O Jerusalem and More.

Awards: Numerous.

Andre Djaoui

Date  of Birth:  1st Jan 1974, Sousse Tunisia. 

Occupation:  Filmmaker: 

Debut Film: Lile Maudite.

Year Active: 1996- Date.

Movies: Allo, Njoum Ellil, Windmill, Al Akaber and  More.

Awards: Numerous .

Madih Belaid

Date of Birth: 14th October 1990 Tunis, Tunisia.

Occupation: Filmmaker.

Year Active: 2010 – Date.

Debut Work: Le Virage.

Movies: Le Feutchen, Co-exist, Giulietta, Head of Skin & Men, Before it is too late, Black Medusa and More.

Awards: Numerous.

Nasreddine Ben Maati

Date of Birth: 5th  June  1976, Tunisia. 

Occupation: Director and Filmmaker.

Year Active: 2005 till Date.

Debut Work: Comme les autres.

Movies: Mouja, Loi 76,  Selma, Wind of Freedom and More.

Awards: Numerous.

Mohammed Ben Attia

Date of Birth : 1st  July  1949, El oudiane Tunisia. 

Occupation: Filmmaker. 

Debut Work: At Your Service. 

Year Active: 1979 – Date. 

Movies: Gulf War, What Next,  Night  in Tunis.

Nejia Ben Mabrouk

Date of Birth: 24th August  1945, Tunisia.  

Occupation: Editor and Filmmaker. 

Debut Work: Couleurs  Fertiles, 

Year Active: 1986 (3rd September  2016).

Movies: Gaze of  the  Seagull, The Lost Thread, The Other Half of the Sky, 

The  Forest  of Elmedfoun.

Kalthoum Bornaz

Date of Birth: 1984. Tunis Tunisia.

Occupation: Actor and Filmmaker. 

Year Active :2009 – Date.

Debut: Alliance. 

Movies: Hethoukom,  Dachra, Nouba, Golden Butterfly and  More.

Abdelhamid Bouchnak

Date of Birth : 1944. Hammam Lif, Tunisia. 

Occupation: Filmmaker and  Screenwriter.

Year Active: 1983 – Date.

Debut Work: Camera d’ Afrique.

Movies: Villa Jasmin, Camera  Arabe, Child of the  Terraces..

Awards: Numerous.

Ferid Boughedir

Date of Birth: 1984, Tunis Tunisia. 

Occupation: Filmmaker. 

Year Active: 1981 – Date.

Movies: Yiddish Connection, La Faucon,  Moitie- Moitie and More.

Paul Boujenah