Twitter Reinstates Kanye west Profile after 7months long ban.

Twitter Reinstates Kanye west Profile after 7months long ban.

After being suspended last year, the renowned artist Kanye West‘s Twitter account has now been officially restored.

The rapper’s account was terminated last year as a result of many policy violations during his frequent Twitter outbursts ye. Was given a seven-month suspension for inciting violence after going on an anti-Semitic rant in December 2023.

The outspoken performer had already found himself in trouble on Twitter. His initial anti-semitic outburst, which was later taken down on both sites, resulted in his being locked out of his Twitter and Instagram accounts two months earlier.

Kanye lost brand deals and sponsorships as a result of his tweets. He was fired by Adidas, which stated that it “does not tolerate anti-Semitism and any other sort of hate speech.”

His final post before being blocked in December appeared to depict a symbol that mixed the Star of David with the Swastika.

The musician will no longer be able to monetize his account, and no advertisements will appear next to his posts. According to the Wall Street Journal the golden verification tick, as opposed to the blue one, indicates that his account. Has been reactivated and is now regarded as an official business account.

His most recent post was made on December 1, the day before his account was deactivated, and it currently has 31.5 million followers.

The article added that his account was reinstated after assurances were received that he wouldn’t use the system to distribute offensive language or anti-Semitic material.


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