Veteran Kannywood Actor Sam Pategi (Samanja) dies at 81.

Veteran Kannywood Actor Sam Pategi (Samanja) dies at 81.

Samanja, a veteran of Kannywood, passes away at age 81.

According to NAN, Pategi was born on May 20, 1942, in Pategi, Northern Nigeria, into the royal house of the Pategi Emirate.

Veteran Nollywood actor Usman Pategi, also referred to as “Samanja,” passed away at the age of 81.

Theater expert Husseini Shaibu made this revelation on Sunday via his Facebook page.

His cause of death is still a mystery.

“I have been informed with reliability that the status of veteran actor Usman Baba Pategi, also known as Samanja Mazan Fama, has diminished.” Stated Shaibu.

The actor who rose to national notoriety in the 1980s by portraying Samanja in the now-canceled drama series “Samanja,” which followed soldiers’ lives in the barracks, reportedly passed away on Sunday night at midnight.

“The last time I saw Samanja, he was in Lagos in 2019 receiving the Fellowship of Theatre Arts (FTA) from the National Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners, directed by Israel Eboh.

Journey Well, Sir. Samanja, good night!He stated.

In the post’s comments area, a few actors also paid their respects to the dead.

According to Okey Ogunjiofor, “The Legends who made our early days sweet are gradually departing.” May peace be granted to his soul.

Pategi was born on May 20, 1942, into the royal house of the Pategi Emirate in Pategi, Northern Nigeria, according to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

He is the offspring of the late King of Pategi, Etsu Usman Patako.

The well-known writer, director, and actor acted in several renowned Hausa films, including Duniya Iyawa Ne, Yusuf’s Ladan’s Zaman, and Samanja.

Pategi became well-known for fusing pidgin English and Hausa/English in the film Samanja.


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