Victony teams up with AV for a new single title ” Jaga Jaga” .

Victony teams up with AV for a new single title " Jaga Jaga" .

Again, that time has come. Every week, Jaga Jaga new music emerges, mesmerizing listeners and music lovers while artists monitor reactions to understand the impact of their creative.

The NATIVE is dedicated to maintaining its ears to the ground in the music industry and providing the best sounds to your door. Our previous issue featured outstanding new releases from Ami Faku, NSG, however Victor AD, and more artists.

Our chosen musicians are displaying their boundless potential and enthusiasm moreover for creativity in songs that range from Afropop to Amapiano to R&B today. Save the date!

“JAGA JAGA” by VICTONY ft. Babyboy A.V.
Victony has recently been building up to the release of a new project called “Ebelebe Vol 1.

And he has been developing a new, exciting sound. He collaborates with Babyboy AV, another musician whose work revolves around comparable ebbs as him, on this new single. The record is brought to life by evocative strings and a mid-tempo drum rhythm while both performers coolly tell stories about their lives. In true Victony fashion, it’s a reflective moment with a lovely melodic tease.

The Ghanaian rapper Kojo Cue, known for his fiery, ferocious verses, moreover has been working towards a comeback. He teams up with his fellow countryman Joey B furthermore for this upbeat trap song, and then two of them deliver heatedly precise. Affirmative bars.

And with feverish accuracy, they both lace positive bars. The song, like many other Joey B creations, however manages to veer toward social commentary while preserving a whimsical outlook, and they both enjoy it while it lasts. It’s best used outside and at happy occasions.

The Bayani “LOW WAIST”
This latest release by Bayanni is energized by a tropical base. The vocabulary used by Bayanni in this classic afropop song, which teases imagery from the circuitry of sexual relationships, is especially captivating. “Baby, look at your waist/I don’t shake, what does the man’s face look like? He says, “I just can’t turn away from this level of impending danger.” In the hook.

A charming tease of a tune, however its confident intensity leaves the listener wanting more.

The musician Obongjayar has followed up on the release of his ground-breaking debut album “Some Nights I Dream of Doors” with a trickle of groovy, upbeat tunes. On “Who Let Him In,” he discusses his outsider status across industries while establishing the qualities that have made him so admired, like his adaptability and grit, and the song captures that feeling. The use is innovative, yet being supported by an earthy percussive basis, and Obongjayar bares his various selves. With solid ability.


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