Warri Pikin opens up on the matter of Weight loss.

Warri Pikin opens up on the matter of Weight loss.

Anita Asuoha, also known as Real Warri Pikin, is a well-known Nigerian comedian who recently admitted that she had to get weight loss surgery for medical reasons.

They said in the exposé she uploaded to her YouTube channel that her husband had pushed her to get the weight loss surgery since it was harming her health.

The acknowledged that she had atherosclerosis, a condition marked by the thickening or hardening of the arteries.

She experienced episodes of dizziness, shortness of breath, and joint discomfort as a result of this disease.

The cartoon also mentioned how she tried to lose her additional weight in 2017 by going to the gym and eating better, but it didn’t work. Additionally, she mentioned that January 2023.

was a challenging time for her because of her weight-related health issues. Along the way, she also started to feel down.

She claimed, “So na Ikechukwu now dey tell me to say I must do a weight loss surgery because he does not want to lose me. This was like January 2023, I sobbed.

It became a really difficult period for me as I tried to decide whether to have weight loss surgery in. Order to help me lose weight and be healthy. I went back to the gym, worked out, ate well, but my eyes started to turn because I couldn’t chop what I was supposed to chop.

She highlighted that making the decision was the scariest and most difficult one for her, but after much consideration, she. Decided to do what was best for her and choose the operation.

“And then I’m trying to do it naturally, everyone around me has made up their minds except me, it was such a difficult moment for me,” she said.

In the end, I simply made the hardest decision of my life and underwent weight loss surgery after saying, “Baby, I’m ready, let’s do this.”

She published a cameo on her verified Instagram profile on August 30, 2023, comparing her appearance before and after the procedure and adding that she is much happier now. She also chastised those who criticized her for her decisions, admonishing them angrily to try walking a mile in her shoes.

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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