Wife of the Deceased Nigerian Singer , Omowummi, Mohbad’s Wife mourns her Husband.

Wife of the Deceased Nigerian Singer , Omowummi, Mohbad's Wife mourns her Husband.

Omawunmi, the late widow of deceased Nigerian artist Mohbad, posted a message on Instagram to express her condolences for her. Husband’s passing on Tuesday, September 12, 2023.

She detailed the history of their relationship and her extreme anguish in a series of Instagram posts, indicating that they had been together for ten years. She disclosed that on the day Mohbad went away, their baby Liam was only 5 months old.

They continued by saying that her late spouse was constantly in agony and had lost his zest before he passed away. She further claimed that unidentified individuals were leading a smear campaign against him and using derogatory language. She called on the aforementioned unknown individuals to accept their victory and declared that they wanted him killed.

She said, “This ni**a struggled till death, too many pains, he has always lived with fears, continuous fights everywhere he. Goes, and he has never been happy for a whole day. He’s dead now at least y’all won, take your trophy. Yall made me a widow at 24 years, Olorun Idajo re ooo.

The 24-year-old continued by saying that the singer had more paranoia following the birth of their son Liam and lived in constant fear. Again implying that people were after him, she noticed that he wanted her and their son to move for their. Safety.

He was a family man and did not want anything to happen to us; I was supposed to pick up. My baby’s passport yesterday so we could begin our journey he would always ask me, “Wunmi please go for my. Baby’s sake, I wouldn’t want these people to harm you and him it would break me…you just go, let them face them myself,” she continued. “Nothing makes him happy any more, even after seeing his baby he became more worried.

Continued to scream for assistance, pleading with passersby to aid her since she was unable to handle the anguish. Alone Mohbahd was a fantastic partner to her and a fine father to their son, who would now grow up. Without him, said Wunmi, who emphasized that she wouldn’t wish her suffering on anybody.

It is unknown exactly when the singer and his girlfriend wed, but she said in her post that he provided her the wedding of her dreams.

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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