Youtube Celebrates 2023 grantees of Black Voices Fund Initiative.

Youtube Celebrates 2023 grantees of Black Voices Fund Initiative.

YouTube held a two-day celebration in Nairobi, Kenya to highlight its reaffirmation of its commitment to amplifying Black voices in Africa.

The grantees of the 2023 #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund will be able to connect, network, and work together with other creators.

The celebrations in Kenya featured over 100 Black producers from around the globe, highlighting the influence the YouTube Black Voices. Fund has had since its inception.

The initiative, which was established in 2020 with the aim of showcasing new tales that highlight the intellectual strength and. Authenticity of Black voices, has assisted over 500 producers and artists in expanding their channels and their audiences.

The #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund is part of the platform’s dedication to assisting Africa’s creative ecosystem and has provided an opportunity to both recognize and cultivate Black artistic endeavors worldwide.

The fund goes above and above by providing upcoming Black creators, musicians, composers, and producers with the tools they need to flourish on YouTube, which plays a crucial part in the discovery and development of African culture.

“When we announced the $100 million fund to amplify Black and African voices and perspectives on our platform, we wanted. 

To create a space where Black people can share their own stories, in their own voices, with the world,” said. YouTube Managing Director of Emerging Markets, EMEA, Alex Okosi.

The fund has produced possibilities for Black artists to be amplified, celebrated, and developed for a global audience in many different ways.

Alumnus of the BVF program Class of 2023, Osereme Egbor of Styleby Reme, from Nigeria, stated: “Being a part of the BVF program has really altered my life.

I switched from working in the room my sister and I shared to having my own area to create stuff. Additionally, I was able to purchase tripods and ring lights, which I required to improve the caliber of my videos.

In addition to money, creators got one-on-one coaching and workshops on how to increase their earnings.


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