Yul Edochie reacts to the #100m divorce suit filed by his first wife May.

Yul Edochie reacts to the #100m divorce suit filed by his first wife May.

Popular Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has responded to the N100 million lawsuit that his former first wife May Edochie recently filed against him.

Recall that May filed for divorce from her husband and has sued him and his second wife Judy for N100. Million in damages due to allegations of adultery.

Femi Falana and the Eculaw group are representing the entrepreneur who has three children with Yul Edochie. They just provided an update on the couple’s marital problems.

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In a complaint submitted on Tuesday, the DPA Family Law Clinic highlighted that Judy and Yul are both aware of the litigation as they had gotten copies of the court documents via email.

Yul Edochie released a new video of himself and Judy Austin singing and dancing on Instagram in response to his. First wife’s action and amid rumors that May has filed a divorce petition against him and his second wife.

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