Yul Edochie sets up his online christian ministry named” True Salvation Ministry (TSM).

Yul Edochie sets up his online christian ministry named" True Salvation Ministry (TSM).

Yul Edochie opens a church and receives support from a well-known preacher

Has just joined the list of Nollywood actors who have accepted pulpit duties in spite of the varied and occasionally unusual characters they have played on screen.

The controversial Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has opened an online church as part of his Christian ministry.

People were stunned by the 42-year-old actor’s major disclosure on social media.

Moreover the actor announced on his official Facebook page that the ministry would be called “True Salvation Ministry” (TSM) and. That Sunday services will be streamed on his YouTube channels.

“It’s time to answer the call of God Almighty,” the author stated. It’s time to totally do His work. to disseminate God’s authentic message. Pay attention and change will occur.

Since he revealed Judy Austin to be his second wife, the actor has been in the news.

However he revealed this in a November 2022 YouTube video, saying that although he believed it was not the appropriate moment, he had been called to serve as a God-ordained minister for many years.

Edochie continued, saying that lately, the calling had intensified.

Also disclosed that he came to the realization that God had blessed him with prosperity so he could utilize it to spread the word and change people’s lives.

“I have a calling to serve God and be his minister,” the man declared. I am called to proclaim the word of God by doing acts that demonstrate what I believe. This call was made a very long time ago—many years ago.

However, I always thought that the moment wasn’t right or that the time hadn’t arrived. Now, though, it’s quite powerful. I believe the moment is now. By the grace of God, I have been blessed with this life and have risen to become one of Nigeria’s and Africa’s most well-known performers.

“I now see that God used my career as an actor to elevate me to the position of minister, allowing me to use my platform to spread the gospel. My goal is to serve as a Godly minister and change lives,” he declared.

In addition, he pledged to continue serving as a pastor while making sure all of his endeavors are in line with the Bible.

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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