Yvonne Nelson cut ties with her mother over paternity fraud.

Yvonne Nelson cut ties with her mother over paternity fraud.

Actress Yvonne Nelson from Ghana has spoken up about why she broke off contact with her real mother.

Her recently published book, I Am Not Yvonne Nelson, in which she discussed her difficulties and experiences, brought to light the truth.

Nelson’s ambiguity over who her biological father is centers on one of the book’s key surprises.

She admitted that her mother had intentionally blocked her from knowing his identity. The actress felt estranged from her genuine beginnings and began to doubt her own ancestry as a result.

The actress, 37, shockingly asserted that Oko Nelson, her supposed father, is not actually her biological father.

Her entire family history came under scrutiny as a result, and she realized she had been using the wrong last name all along.

The actress has never met her father, and because of this, she is currently separated from her mother, according to internet user Sel The Bomb who read the book’s contents.

It became out that her mother had lied to her about his paternity, causing her to unintentionally portray him negatively in interviews and public remarks.

Sadly, Yvonne Nelson’s mother didn’t come clean about her biological father until he was already ill, and by the time she made an effort to make amends, he had already gone away in 2017.

The most shocking revelation in Yvonne Nelson’s book is not even about Sarkodie; it is about her experience with her supposed father, Mr. Oko Nelson, who has since passed away. She claims her mother lied to her, and she continued to portray this good man in her comments and interviews as a negligent father until the man became ill. The man passed away in 2017 without ever mentioning Yvonne Nelson in the media. He carried the shame with him to the grave. But in the new book, Yvonne offers his spirit an apology. Yvonne Nelson isn’t even supposed to have the surname Nelson as of right now because she doesn’t know who her real father is. He wrote that this is how the novel “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson” ends.

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